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Is this my design?

I just came across this website design on It resembles the home page of my waterview project amazingly. -- --

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The definition of a "project" * Have a specific objective to be completed within certain specification * Have a defined start and end date * Have finding limits (if applicable) * Consume human and none human resources (i.e., Money, people, equipments) * Are multifunctiotnal (i.e., cut across several function lines) Project management is the art of creating illusion that any outcome is a result of series predetermined, deliberate act when, in fact, it was dumb luck

Project management and planning class note #1

CS6388.501 Software Project Planning and Management. Instructor: John Cole Project Success: What is it? Project Failure? If you don’t have any failures, you aren’t taking enough risks. Control and commitment of resources: the Chiang Kai-Shek(่’‹ไป‹็Ÿณ) model. The six stages of a project: * Wild enthusiasm * Disillusionment * Panic * Search for the guilty * Punishment of the innocent * Praise and rewards for the non-participants. “I want a list of all unforseen problems we’re going to encounter with this project.” Lines of communication in decision-making need to be as short as possible Project classification: * In-house R&D * Small construction * Large construction * Aerospace/defense * MIS (does this include software development?) * Engineering Problems of placing highly technical people in charge of projects. Moving a non-project-driven organization into project management. “Life is a game, and money is one way of keeping score.” So projects that pay off wel