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Dream comes true - a movie directing experience

For random reason, I was assigned for a project of a cheesy 10 minute film, including script writing, film directing and editing. Although all the actors and the producer involved are all nerdy software engineers and managers, one of them does have professional movie acting experience with a best director in the world. Schedule is tight, actors are not trained, and budget is zero. However the project went well and film went out on time.

Java closure shows his face - Lambda expression

JSR335 , Lambda expression started review ballot stage on November 16th 2010. Java closure finally show the new breath taking expression. Citing from the detail of JSR request: ... 2.7 Please give a short description of the underlying technology or technologies: We propose extending the Java Language to support compact lambda expressions (otherwise known as closures or anonymous methods.) Additionally, we will extend the language to support a conversion known as "SAM conversion" to allow lambda expressions to be used where a single-abstract-method interface or class is expected, enabling forward compatibility of existing libraries. We propose extending the semantics of interfaces in the Java Language to support virtual extension methods, whereby an interface can nominate a static default method to stand in for the implementation of an interface method in the event that an implementation class does not provide an implementation of the extension method. This enables interfaces