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Velocity based static website generation under Maven2

For several times I went into the situation where I need to seriously decorate a Maven2 generated website, and a more powerful and scriptable way of writing page content than APT and XDOC is required. CSS can do some decoration work and a customized master velocity layout for maven-site-plugin gives me full control of the template. But still, APT and XDOC are limited as a script language to write content. Velocity content may be ideal. The idea is rendering Velocity template in a way similar to VelocityLayoutServlet and Apache Turbine , which is merging context with velocity template for content body, then put the body into another layout Velocity template. This work can be done within a maven2 goal easily. In existing arapaho-maven-plugin project, I created flatsite mojo to do this Velocity based static website generation. It's basically a one class deal so I didn't make it a standalone maven2 plugin. It's not a maven2 report, it's a simplified version of maven-site-

"Couselist" demo site backs to business

"courselist" ( ) is an academic small project done by several students in University of Texas at Dallas, back in 2004. It was built on top of waterview and tornado project hosted in and using commons-jelly as UI rendering tool, hibernate as persistence layer and plexus/avalon as IOC container. The project hasn't be touched in the last two years. I recently found it out and turn it on at during the domain change. Many thanks to Chris Menken, Javis Cline, John Christin and Josh Allen.