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Migrate source code from SourceForge subversion repository to GitHub

Since , a successful commercial git hosting provider that hosts over a million repositories, offers reliable free open source git hosting service now, I decided to go ahead and move the source code that I had in last 8 years from sourceforge subversion repository to GitHub. This page documents the steps that I did, which was pretty simple and smooth anyway. Obviously I need to be a user in . It's easy to sign up , no confirmation is required. Create new repository from here , and import from a public subversion URL. The URL is something like http://<projectname><projectname>. Before import starts, you are required to tell more about each user discovered from subversion repository. The user name and email address each sourceforge user maps to doesn't have to be existing user in It takes very very long time for import to finish. Be patient. I already have git on my computer. If you don't, find out how