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Datamung won Netflix Cloud Prize award for best datastore integration

On Nov 14th, in AWS re:invent conference day 2 keynote , Netflix announced 2013 Cloud Prize award winners . I was very lucky and my project, datamung , is one of the ten winners. Datamung received the award for best datastore integration. Datamung is a Java open source web application that backs up RDS MySQL database into S3 using AWS Simple Workflow and EC2. It's a RESTful service and website on top of it, a single installation allows multiple AWS users to backup their database living in their own AWS accounts. The fact that it uses mysqldump command indicates that the backup result in S3 is a SQL file ready to use across AWS accounts, regions, VPC, or outside of AWS network. If you are interested please jump into the Datamung project wiki to find out more. Ironically, in the same keynote session where winner list was announced, 40 minutes later Werner Vogels announced a cross-region RDS replication feature which targets the same problem that Datamung attempts to so