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Publish Maven site with Amazon S3 and CloudFront

Amazon S3 now supports static website hosting . As a 10 years Maven user, I wonder how easy it is to deploy Maven generated site to Amazon S3 and let the rock-solid storage provider to host my project websites. There are several existing s3 wagon providers , which all seem to have the same problem, not supporting directory copy. This is understandable since before S3 new website hosting feature, I guess people mostly expect to deploy artifacts rather than website to S3. So my first task is to write an AWS S3 wagon that supports directory copy. With AWS Java SDK , task becomes as simple as one single class . I made my S3 wagon available in Maven central repository at org.cyclopsgroup:awss3-maven-wagon:0.1 . The source code is hosted in github:jiaqi/cym2/awss3 . The next thing is to create an S3 bucket in console . To avoid trouble, bucket name is set to the future website domain name according to this discussion . Website feature needs to be explicitly enabled. I also created an