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My day

8:00 Time to get up. First thing first, before Yilin wakes up, I have a few minutes to prepare her breakfast. Fortunately, this is done with my mom's help. 8:10 Yilin usually starts her day at this point, which leads to diaper changing, cloth changing, running and chasing, etc. 8:20 - 9:20 A full hour can slip so quickly, when it's time to feed Yilin. Again, my life would be much more painful if my mom weren't here. Sometimes I take chance to have my breakfast, sometimes I miss. 9:20 It's time to take Yilin to day care. It's already late since the morning activity time is from 9AM to 10 AM. If lucky Yilin can enjoy the sunshine for 30 minutes. 9:50 - 10:30 After good bye with Yilin, finally it's time to take a bus and go to work. This 40 minutes is one of my most relaxing time in a day. Sometimes I pick a book to read. But more and more often, I play little games on iphone. 10:30 It's an awkward time to come to office and start work this late. However I'