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Simplify Avalon components development by switching to plexus

Avalon vs. PicoContainer or Spring Looking for the best IoC container is not the purpose of this article. Well... there is no "the best" without conditions, which means the answer varies according to the project you are working on. Personally I found Avalon useful in several projects where the requirement and scope is extremely uncertain. PicoContainer project has an article which outlines the difference between several popular ways of containing components (not necessarily IoC containers). In general, comparing to the other options, Avalon depicts the lifecycle of a component elegantly and meticulously. And the compensation is to require the code to depend on its framework API. Headache of Avalon? Simplified version of Avalon container that costs you less, Plexus Assume you decide to take what Avalon requires and build the application on top Avalon API as I have done, the headache coming along is usally about: Maintain endless XML meta files for each componenent Bu