Sunday, November 09, 2003

Transcript from "Enter The Matrix" video game, Niobe and the Oracle conversation

ORACLE: Niobe.....
NIOBE: Do I know you?
ORACLE: You know me, though you just may not recognize me.
NIOBE: Are you telling me that you are the Oracle?
ORACLE: I know this may not be easy for any of you, change never is. I wish the face you remember was the face I was still wearing, but that face is gone.
NIOBE: If you are the Oracle, tell me if I believe you are.
ORACLE: You don't right now, but you will.
NIOBE: Are you going to tell me something to make me believe you?
ORACLE: Come on Niobe, you know I can't do that.
N: Why not?
O: Because I cannot make you do anything.
N: At least you sound the same.
O: As I said, you may not recognize the face, but who and what I am underneath remains the same.
N: Can I ask what happened?
O: The Merovingian warned me, that If I made a certain choice it would cost me. He is, among other things, a man of his word.
N: What was the choice?
O: The same one you yourself will have to make: The choice to help Neo or not.
N: Then Neo is still alive?
O: Yes, he touched the source and seperated his mind from his body. Now he lies trapped in a place between your world and ours.
N: Can we free him?
O: Trinity can, but she will have to fight her way through hell to do it.
N: Can I help?
O: That's why I called you. I cannot tell you what is going to happen. All I can do is hope that if given the chance, you will find the courage to do what you can.
N: You once told me you knew everything you needed to.
O: I do. I knew everything from the begining of this path to the end.
N: I don't understand.
O: Even I can't see beyond the end.
N: The end? Are you trying to tell me the world is going to end?
O: Yes. If we cannot save it, it will end.
N: You mean Neo.
O: I mean we. The path of the one is made by the many. I have a role to play just as you have yours.

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