Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tapestry 4.0 is released

Tapestry一直是我很稀饭的一个Java Web Application Framework。 4.0的发布标志这它的成熟。

What is Tapestry's philosophy?

Tapestry is organized around four key principles:

  • Simplicity - web applications shouldn't be rocket science!
  • Consistency - what works in pages should work in components. What works in small applications should work in large applications. Different developers should find similar solutions to similar problems.
  • Efficiency - applications should be performant and scalable
  • Feedback - when things go wrong, the framework should not get in the way; in fact, it should provide useful diagnostics

These four principles drive the meta-principle: The simplest choice should be the correct choice. The decisions you make early in a project should not come back later to haunt you.

We have found that a component approach to web development is the best way of realizing these principles. Structuring the framework and your application around components makes it possible to move all the boring plumbing code out of your application and into the framework. You write less code, you write simpler code, sometimes you write no code. Tapestry picks up the slack.

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