Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Replace jconsole with command line based jmxterm

JMXTERM is a command line based interactive JMX client software. It opens a command line console and user can open connection to an MBean server, then operation against it with interactive commands. The user experience of JMXTERM is like a combination of jconsole and ftp. With JMXTERM, JMX operation doesn't have to be done in graphical environment anymore.

JMXTERM project has recently release the second version 0.2, which is much more reliable and better documented than the previous version 0.1. Several serious bugs including white space in MBean name and user/password based authentication were resolved in version 0.2. Besides, version 0.2 adds the feature of listing local running Java process even if they aren't launched with jmxremote argument.


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