Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Introducing Flixport, a tool that exports photos from Flickr


If you are like me with tens of thousands photos in Flickr which is about to stop 1TB free storage service, moving these photos out would be a very challenging task.

Flixport is an open source command line tool that bulk-copies photos from Flickr to Amazon S3, Google Storage or your local computer.

Flickr is terminating the free 1TB storage service in February 2019. Unless you convert to a premium user, Flickr will only keep 1000 photos and purge others at some point in February. To backup my own photos I evaluated all existing solution and none worked for me. Luckily, being a software engineer, I could write code to work around difficulties.

Please visit the Flixport page to find out more.

Why S3 and Google storage?

AWS S3, as of today, is the de facto online storage. People may hear Dropbox or Box more often but many of these consuming storage product are backed by another Cloud storage service, of which S3 is the clear leader. Since coding is not a problem for me, I got rid of the middle man and went straight to S3.

Because I work for Google, I also felt comfortable implementing a connection to Google Cloud storage. Sorry Azure, no Microsoft support for now.

Why not Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Photos?

These popular consumer products are obviously good next steps. In general for a command line to work with them, some OAuth-based authentication needs to happen and users will have to copy some long, obscure token from browser and paste it in command line. To offer the best user experience, it's better to run the tool from a website instead of as a command line.

Therefore, if I ever had bandwidth to work on the support of them, it'd not be part of the command line tool, but likely a web-based service that integrates with user's Google or Dropbox account.

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